Senju Muramasa
Senju Muramasa
Kanji 千寿・ムラマサ
Kana せんじゅ・むらまさ
Romaji Senju Muramasa
Pen Name Senju Muramasa
Nickname/s Kuruizaku Kuroikazuchi no Muramasa
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 2, Chapter 3
Debut (Manga) Chapter 12 (partial appearance)
Chapter 19 (full appearance)
Debut (Anime) Episode 6
Appears in Light Novel


Voice Actor (Japanese) Saori Onishi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Blood Type O
Eyes Lavender
Hair Black
Nationality Japanese
Skin White
Battle Power 14,500,000
Work & Relations
Occupation Author
Affiliation Light Novel Industry/Hachiraijin
Middle School
Love Interests Izumi Masamune

Senju Muramasa is a light novel author who is also a devoted fan of Izumi Masamune.

Her real name is Umezono Hana (梅園・花).


Not much is known about Muramasa's early life. Because she enjoys writing, her family nags at her for writing all day long. They are all very economic-minded believing money should be saved and should only be used for a critical moment when you absolutely need to use it. Despite their nagging, Muramasa has held onto her family's advice on money closely.

Despite her vast knowledge on books and writing. Muramasa is not very knowledgeable, or even aware, about her own surroundings. She doesn't use a cash card and is very bad with electronics in general, even touch-panel systems. Oddly enough, she knows how to use a computer just fine.

Senju Muramasa loves reading as more than just a hobby. She believes fervently that it's the best form of entertainment and that with the right book "just for you," it can surpass any anime, games, movie, and even love itself. However, because she believes the book "meant just for her" can't be found in stores, she decides to write them herself. Before her debut as a light novel author, she was a fan of Izumi Masamune's works dating back to his first story as a web novelist. Because she's such an avid reader, she's able to recall many details of all his stories. She has all his stories saved on her computer.

Unlike Elf or Masamune, who write novels for their fans, Senju Muramasa only writes novels for herself. When she was approached to being a professional writer for light novels, she was convinced to become one since she could write without her family nagging her about always writing. Sometime after becoming a novelist, she received a fan-letter that said they would give her book a million points out of a hundred because of how interesting it was. Because of this, her dream is to write a book for herself that would be nothing less than "the most interesting light novel in the world" since such a book is one Masamune writes, by her standards.

She wrote the light novel "The Legend of the Phantom Blade" which is #1 on store shelves, shadowing Elf's sales by over a tenfold. It's so popular, it has been made into an anime twice. However, she does not know this since she doesn't visit the publishing building often and has a monthly allowance of 4,500 yen. The book is still ongoing, but has not seen a continuation due to Muramasa's grudge towards Masamune's genre change. Because of the similarities in writing style, many fans assume incorrectly that Masamune is Muramasa's clone due to their similar writing styles, though in reality, only the opposite is true.

A year before the events of the story, Muramasa wrote stories with similar subjects to Masamune, causing their plans to overlap. Because of this, Masamune was unable to produce a single book. It's implied that this was intentional, but has not been proved yet so far. Because of her disinterest towards others, she doesn't attend end-of-the-year parties, awards ceremonies, or other events.

Through her connections at the publishing house from the editorial department, Muramasa was able to get her hands on a copy of Masamune's latest proposal, but was upset to learn that he was switching his genre to a romantic comedy. She crumples up the proposal and tosses it in the wastebasket and angrily says to herself that she will not accept it. She then used her connections in the publishing house to fill an earlier publication slot for herself, causing Masamune's manuscript to be pushed back a year before it can be released.

Her next appearance is outside of the publishing house where she meets with Masamune and Elf. She is aware that Masamune is scheduled to appear that day and begins hatching a plan to anger him in hopes that he will return to writing battle manga in response. Unaware of Masamune and Elf behind her, she is lost in this thought. She is startled when Elf calls out to her and drops her bag full of written pages. They help her pick up her dropped papers. Elf quickly realizes that Muramasa is a writer, thought mistakenly assumes she is still new. Muramasa doesn't answer. She then shoots an angry glance at Masamune, making him wonder if they have ever met before. Elf tries to get her to talk, but Masamune then interjects and gets her to stop. Elf still continues on her misunderstanding, unknowingly bad-mouthing Muramasa's "inexperience" and offers to help her get her manuscript read. Muramasa finally speaks and asks if they are writers and if they work with the publisher. Elf admits she is from a different publisher and introduces herself, though Muramasa doesn't recognize her, much to Masamune's amusement and Elf's ire. After she recalls of seeing Elf's kind of book production, Elf starts to go off on her for remembering the book and not the author. Muramasa states under her breath that the reason was because she thought the book was boring. Because Masamune had trained himself to hear soft voices thanks to Sagiri, he was able to catch what she said, but didn't confront with her about it.

As they go inside, Elf goes on and on about herself and her book becoming an anime, acting more bratty and self-absorbed. After overhearing an argument of how Elf's logic about those with 10 million-more sales can say whatever they want, Muramasa realized she had an advantage. She is mainly quiet and off to the side after Masmune and Kagurazaka talk about the Light Novel Tenkaichi Budokai, but when she hears he aims to win for the sake of his dream, she announces she won't let him win or let his dream come true and signs into the competition too, revealing she is Senju Muramasa, the author of the popular novel "Fantasy Demon Blade Legend." Because of the gap in power, she instructs Masamune to follow the Senpai/Kouhai honorifics. She continues to say that because he is too soft and his dream being boring, she will crush it. Elf attempts to defend Masamune, but Muramasa tells Elf to stay out of it. She then addresses Kagurazaka (albeit unable to remember her name) and asks her about her current book sales. Masamune is confused on how she could not know her own sales and income. To the shock of everyone, even Muramasa, Kagurazaka reveals her sales are above 14.5 million. Muramasa was aware she was beating Elf, but was unaware by how much, and griping about her low allowance. She then snaps out of it and reminds Elf to stay out of her feud with Masamune, since she has sales of over 10 million, turning Elf's words against her. She then turns to Masamune and taunts him some more. She then reveals that the reason that Masamune's publication slot was so far away was because of her. She reveals her connections on how they kept an eye on Masamune's movements, making it easy to steal the publication slot. Masamune suspects that she was also the reason he was constantly denied production a year ago, which she doesn't deny. She also reveals she was aware he was going to arrive at that day and time, waiting for him. When asked why she's trying so hard to make him her enemy, she simply states it's because she hates him for his boring dream and writing a boring story and makes it clear she wants to crush it. Masamune accepts that unlike Elf who is something of a rival, he accepts that Muramasa is an enemy. Furious that Muramasa would say such cruel things despite not reading it, Masamune then challenges Muramasa to do whatever the loser commands. He agrees that if he wins, she doesn't get in the way of his and Sagiri's dreams and that she can do as she pleases if Muramasa wins. Muramasa admits this wasn't the conditions she wanted and asks if he's sure. Masamune confidently states he won't lose to her and will make her take back what she said. Muramasa silently smiles, agreeing to the terms.

Sometime after Elf and Masamune left, Kagurazaka scolded Muramasa for approaching him in that manner. She was then informed of how Masamune was living alone with a shut-in sibling after losing both his parents. She was also made aware that in order to continue living as he has, he needed to keep a proper income from his novels, as agreed by him and his guardian.

As Elf, Sagiri, and Masamune plan on how to beat Senju, Masamune is able to figure out that not only does her writing seem to be only for herself, but that her writing style itself is outdated: it has a battle system, and slightly appeals to the Japanese tastes, causing Sagiri to ask if he was Muramasa's clone, much to his chagrin.

Muramasa goes to visit Masamune's house after her school ended to ask him to surrender. She mistakes his surprise at her arrival for why she is wearing a school uniform at first. She then admits that she wanted to make a good first impression for her visit and followed Kagurazaka's advice on guys' liking it when girls wear a school uniform. She has doubts it will actually work, but openly says that if it lowered Masamune's guard even a little, then she's happy. Masamune says her appearance is not the issue, but rather why she arrived at all. Muramasa assures he doesn't need to be cautious and believes she comes with good news. She asks Masamune to become his, though he misunderstands it to mean being her lover to both their shock and embarrassment. She corrects him saying she wants him to be her exclusive novelist where she will pay him a fair price for novels he writes for her. Masamune is confused since she stated in her last meeting how she hated him and wanted to crush his dreams. Before she can explain herself, Elf comes down with a tablet of Sagiri in the screen telling Masamune not to talk to her. She chastises him for being too trusting and how they're better off not knowing her intentions to keep their chances of winning from falling. Masamune agrees after some thought. Elf tries to shoo Muramasa away, to no avail. Muramasa tries to use her earlier words against Elf again, however, Elf responds that because of the anime adaptation, her sales should have jumped although Masamune believes she is exaggerating the numbers. Muramasa then asks why Elf is at Masamune's house. Elf uses this situation to taunt Muramasa by saying they live together and how she used Twitter to diffuse their situation, though Masamune quickly clears it up by saying they're neighbors. Muramasa brushes it aside and tells Masamune that she came to explain why she wants to crush Masamune's dream by explaining her dream so that he can continue living his way of life. After being served some coffee, Elf decides to argue some more. Muramasa says she didn't come to be mocked by her, though Elf states she has no intention of mocking her. Using her high level of perception and knowing Masamune wouldn't figure it out, Elf figures out that Muramasa is coming after Elf and Sagiri as well and challenges Muramasa to come at her on the behalf of Masamune and Sagiri. Spurred by the situation, Muramasa takes out her notebook and begins writing. Although Elf objects at being ignored, Muramasa only responds by threatening to kill Elf if she gets in her way. She then explains she's at a good part and will finish soon, telling them to wait. Elf realizes she's writing a novel, to her exasperation. Sagiri notices it's the same as when Masamune does it. Although Masamune denies this, Elf also agrees that they're the same because neither of them will snap out of it even if they are spoken to when they started writing. Elf then asks Masamune why Muramasa did this due to their similarities. Masamune guesses that it's because she thought up an interesting scene. Elf is irritated by this attitude, but reluctantly gives up and decides to wait until she's done. All three girls ask for some coffee while they wait.

20 minutes later and she is still writing. Masamune notices that Muramasa is happy as she writes and realizes this is a part of her charm to her readers, similar to how Sagiri is happy when she draws. Because of this, Masamune realizes Elf was right about him being too trusting and tries to remind himself to only think of her as an enemy, but begrudgingly admits along with Elf that the writing looks super interesting. They throw ideas on what it could be, such as the continuation of "The Legend of the Phantom Blade" or her entry for the short story contest. Sagiri then chimes in and reminds them that Muramasa is so into her writing, she wouldn't notice them even if they called out to her. She then suggest to get a peep of what's under Muramasa's skirt, for her illustrations. Elf adds they should take an embarrassing photo of her. Masamune interjects by refusing both their ideas and adds he'd be the one to take off Muramasa's panties. Unaware that he was caught in their pace as well as the fact Muramasa has completed her writing, Muramasa suddenly asked if he wants her underwear. Changing the subject, he asks why there has been no continuation of Phantom Blade. At first, Muramasa is unsure what he's talking about but then recalls that it's the name of the novel that her editor and fans keep telling her to write more of. She then reveals she doesn't know the name of her novels since she only writes for her own reading pleasure and that nothing else, not even the name, matters. Elf and Masamune realize that the editors are the ones who name the novels. Muramasa goes on to say that she only writes the story and isn't interested on what happens of it afterwards. Because of this directly conflicting with why Elf and Masamune became novelists, he then asks Muramasa why she became a professional at all in the first place if she doesn't even care about her work being published or what her fans think of it. She confesses that her debut was just a coincidence. She admits she's happy that fans like her work, though the main reason she agreed to being a writer was to get her family to stop nagging on her for writing all day.

She continues to explain her philosophy on how books are the ultimate form of entertainment and is by far the best way to pastime if you find the right book "just for you." Because she doesn't believe she can find such a book for herself in stores, she resolved to write them for herself instead. Masamune then asks her if there really wasn't such a book that fits that criteria as he adds to the fact that she wouldn't even have such a memory of liking books if it were not for the former being said. She sadly proceed saying yes there was, but that it was one with no continuation. She then asks him what's his definition of "the most interesting novel in the world." Masamune was confused by the question so Muramasa rephrases by asking how many points out of a hundred rating he would give to a novel he wrote. Masamune answers 100 because someone found the novel interesting. Elf is also asked the same question and she also answers 100. Muramasa agrees since Elf herself was its author, her books would get 100 points. She then reveals a fan letter would have given her book a million points out of a hundred. It then spurred Muramasa to give the books she rated 100 to be so interesting it would be a million instead. To her, that's what "the most interesting novel in the world" is and is not limited to being just one book, but several others in a person's lifetime. She continues by saying that extra details such as the book's sales, age, popularity, criticism, or author wouldn't matter to that person because of how special a treasure it is. She states that she became more aware of this after she became a novelist of how fans would rate books a million points for their hundred point writing efforts for those books. She says that she's finding it unfair how some fans can easily find numerous books "made for them" when she has a hard time finding said books herself and can't read enough of them, no matter how badly she craves for it. Smiling, she concludes by saying her dream is to write "the most interesting novel in the world", one that she can give a million points to and is interesting from the bottom of her heart. To that end, she will continue to write books for herself until that day comes. Masamune is impressed by this and admires that she was smiling when she said it. Muramasa dismisses it saying anyone would smile when they talk about their dreams.

Masamune then changes the subject to why Muramasa holds a grudge against him. He then states she can achieve that if she continued writing Phantom Blade. Muramasa holds up her injured hand to his face stating she can't write anymore. She further points it out by saying she can't write battle manga anymore because Izumi-sensei (Masamune) has now changed his genre to romantic comedy. Although Masamune initially fails to see the logic, he also realizes that it's technically his fault a widely popular light novel (Phantom Blade) hasn't seen a continuation. Elf then smacks Masamune on the head interrupting the conversation.

Elf chided Masamune that she warned him about listening to Muramasa's reasoning. She grabs Muramasa and tells her they're leaving. Muramasa tries to object, but Elf, after pulling her aside berates Muramasa for not conveying what she really wanted to say to Masamune. Elf, being highly perceptive, was able to fully understand what Muramasa's true motivations and intentions was and suspects Sagiri did as well. She decides to give Muramasa one last piece of advice and tells Muramasa to be a hundred times clearer if she wants him to understand: the truth behind her grudge, the reason behind crushing his dream, and why she asked him to become hers. She then shoves Muramasa to go in front of Masamune and tells her to confess her true intentions properly.

After some hesitation, Muramasa then confesses that "the most interesting novel in the world" is a novel Masamune writes. Because she never found romantic comedies interesting, she couldn't forgive him for the genre switch. The fact that she said she would never read any new battle manga from him, Masamune finds it unacceptable since she is a fan of his works. She proves it by recalling details that are only depicted of in his first web novel, a fan fiction of Tales of Phantasia, embarrassing Masamune, begging her to stop and believing her. She adds that she keeps all his previous stories saved and won't delete them since those are what influenced her novels. Because of how they resonate in her heart, they are what motivates her to keep writing. Masamune realizes that because he was writing web novels before her debut, it wasn't him that was inspired by Senju Muramasa, as many of the fans believed. The reality as it turns out is that Senju Muramasa was actually the one inspired by Izumi Masamune.

Muramasa then confesses that the reason she wanted to anger him and crush his dream was to motivate him and make him come back to his senses. However, after Kagurazaka scolded her and informed her of his circumstances, she had a change of heart, not realizing how serious it was. She then requests that if he gives up his trivial dream and become hers, she'll be able to give him all the royalties she earned so far. Masamune is astounded by this and initially refuses. Muramasa simply states that she's just following her family's advice on using money at a critical moment. She then goes on to say she'll consult with a tax expert on how to deal with with the taxes and other stuff regarding payout. Masamune realizes she's dead serious about literally buying him. Muramasa drives to the point saying she will protect the two of them for the rest of her life if he agrees.

Masamune is at a loss. He knows that if he agrees, their guardian won't intervene and try to tear them apart anymore and that he and Sagiri can live together peacefully. He's also secretly very happy that someone is such a huge fan of his work. Before he's able to answer, Sagiri shouts from the stairway that she refuses to give him to her.

Everyone looks up to see Sagiri halfway down the stairs, leaning over the wall around the corner; the furthest she's ever been away from her room. She yells at Muramasa that she won't ever give her Masamune. Stuttering, Sagiri tells her that she was first and his from the start and that her feelings are stronger. She stomps her foot down, revealing her full body, and yells at Muramasa to back off. Masamune is stunned she is out of her room as Sagiri states that their dream is not trivial. Embarrassed, Sagiri continues to yell at Muramasa telling her that it was the first dream they made together and how they would never lose to her. She then yells at Masamune to tell the same thing to her as well.

Masamune chuckles as he reaffirms his resolve and agrees that while he is touched about Muramasa's feelings, it was not enough, and that they should continue their match. He then tells her that since she's a fan of his, it would be a shame if she didn't read his newest novel before passing judgement on it. Confidently, he tells her that the latest novel will be his masterpiece. Muramasa silently grabs her bag and heads out the door warning Masamune that she'll kill him if it's boring.

Sometime before the contest, Muramasa, in her usual kimono attire, visited Masamune again to have him read her short story. The contents were revealed to be of a senpai novelist who fell in love at first sight with her kouhai novelist in front of the publication building; a similar vein to Masamune's own story to Sagiri. Muramasa fidgeted and blushed as he read the story. Masamune asks her if the story is about her and him. Muramasa exclaims in embarrassment and asked how he had guessed it. He simply states it was obvious once he read it, much to her surprise. Masamune is astounded that she really didn't know. After stuttering for a bit, Muramasa confesses that she is in love with him, not just his writings, but as a person as well. When she asks for an answer, he responds that he has someone else he likes, also sneakily copying the same event from when Sagiri rejected him. Muramasa sadly says she understands.

Muramasa then submitted her entry, "My Un-Cute Kouhai" which turned out to be 100 pages long. However because of who she was, they couldn't remove her entry and caused quite a bit of backlash from the other upcoming novelists. Elf suspects that even though the length of the story was one factor that will work against her, the other two were that she was writing a non-battle manga and that it was effectively a "love letter to Masamune." He recounts his visit from Muramasa and how he was dying with embarrassment and happiness. Elf notes that despite his happiness, they didn't start going out. As she thinks about it, the contest results are revealed. It shows that Masamune won first place, despite Muramasa getting 2,030 votes and Masamune getting 2,015 votes. Because she violated the rules, Muramasa was disqualified, allowing Masamune to get first place. Because of the narrow margin, Masamune's and Muramasa's books both will receive publication along with the new light novel author Shidou Kunimitsu. Initially, this shouldn't be possible, but it's suspected that Kagurazaka's hard work made it possible to open up two extra slots because of how interesting all three books are.

Sometime after the contest results, Masamune received a package from Muramasa that contained a hand-written copy of the long-awaited continuation of Phantom Blade. In the last page, Muramasa writes: "It was so interesting, I'd give it a million points out of a hundred."

Muramasa is not seen for a while since her rejection. Sagiri dressed up in a yukata due to a festival that happened recently. However, her mood turned sour when Masamune compared her to Muramasa, despite Masamune trying to say she looked pretty just like her in it. Sagiri then brings up that Muramasa confessed to him and how she could tell it happened due to the short story. She also states she noticed Muramasa's confession was the same as when Masamune confessed to her. Sagiri is relieved to hear that Masamune turned her down, though is embarrassed because it was because he has someone he likes. She asks what he thinks of Muramasa now, Masamune answers he still likes her since she was such a huge fan of his work and made him like her a lot. To him, she's the second-best person in the world with Sagiri being first, embarrassing her immensely. He states he wouldn't switch over his preferences so easily and asks again why she's wearing a yukata. Instead, Sagiri slams the door shut calling him an idiot.

Elf locates Masamune after he went missing for some time (revealed by Masamune that he was at the editorial department since the contest in order to work on fleshing out his novel). She informs Masamune that Shidou reached out to Elf to have an after-party celebration. Masamune is reluctant due to a possible grudge Shidou may have as well as seeing Muramasa again. Elf assures that Shidou's work is also getting published and that the only way to resolve any doubts with Muramasa is to talk to her. He agrees and also asks Elf to help out with something extra.

At the party, an irritated Elf arrives with Muramasa, both dressed up in flowery yukata, and blames Muramasa for being late. There is a tense moment, but Elf breaks it by explaining that Muramasa only had enough money for train fare and took a very long time on trying to withdraw money from the bank, exclaiming she should go back to the Taishou Period (dating 1912-1926). She meets with Shidou, but doesn't recognize him or his manga, most likely due to her lack of interest of either.

While seats were being decided, Elf sits next to Masamune. Muramasa calls Elf an impudent, forgetting her name. Comically, Elf chastises her for being so ungrateful to someone who showed her how to use an ATM, though Muramasa doesn't know what that one is despite already been using it. Muramasa concedes and decides to sit next to Masamune's other side. Elf is irritated that Masamune is embarrassed when Muramasa sat next to her. Sagiri slams on the floor yelling at them to stop messing around.

A little bit later, Sagiri is masked as Eromanga-Sensei on the laptop and has arranged the seating. Shidou starts to ask what the banging earlier was about, but Eromanga-Sensei insists it was a poltergeist, causing Shidou not to press onto the subject. As Sagiri chastises Masamune for flirting with other women despite liking someone, Shidou asked around as he tries to gather more information about that, though Elf dismisses it as a complex situation. By this time, Muramasa is writing in her novel, lost in her own world again. As Masamune goes to prepare food, Elf hands a bag over to Masamune saying it was something she and Muramasa picked out for Eromanga-Sensei.

A little later, a festival-like feast is spread out for everyone to enjoy. Sagiri says to herself that Masamune is still getting the wrong idea. Masamune then announces that even though they all started as competitors, he hoped that they all can become friends. He cuts his toast short so the food doesn't get cold. Everyone then feasts on the food, converses and laughs with one another, and overall everyone has a great time. Masamune recounts that he doesn't want novelists to be enemies, but comrades for the sake of the work and their fans, and hopes that even if they feel threatened or jealous, that they are willing to work together hand-in-hand.

Everyone then begins sharing their dreams. Shidou starts up by stating due to his love for sweets, he wrote about possible snack ideas that eventually evolved into light novel writing. His dream is to someday work with a confectionery company and sell characters and snacks that he came up with at stores. Elf then follows up by saying her dream is to create "the ultimate light novel" and conquer the world with it. For her, having her name praised around the world is the same as world domination. Shidou muses that her online personality is the same as her real-life one.

Elf then states that in order for her dream to come true she needs to be the best novelist in Japan and defeat the Hachiraijin. Masamune makes fun of the name, however Elf explains that the name is because there are eight novelists who are like reincarnations of the thunder gods and have sold over 10 million copies of their novels, also know as the "Arch-Novelists." Muramasa asks is what they writing is really all that interesting. Elf responds that Muramasa is one of the Hachiraijin, to Muramasa's surprise. Elf then decides to nickname her, "Kuruizaku Kuroikazuchi no Muramasa," one of the eight Hachiraijin. Although Muramasa's expression seems dumbfounded by this, she later approves the name. Elf then asks what her dream is. Looking straight at Masamune, Muramasa states that her dream is to write many novels which are "the most interesting novels in the world" and read them herself. The two stare at each other for a moment until Eromanga-Sensei loudly clears her throat, breaking the silence.

Elf reassures her that Muramasa is not someone to be concerned with. She continues to say that despite being cute, she's only a minor character and it's only the heroine, like Elf, that is victorious in romantic comedies. Muramasa states Elf shouldn't mix up fantasy and reality and wonders if heckling from the sidelines is all she's going to do. Unperturbed, Elf wonders to herself since it seems to her that Masamune wants more than just a lover. Goaded, Muramasa demands to know what she meant by revealing that to her. They both darkly stare each other down, silently declaring war on each other.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Masamune states his dream is to make his latest novel a huge hit, turn it into an anime, and watch it together with his little sister. He then proudly calls it "our dream." After a silent stare, the group politely applauds and sits back down. Masamune asks Eromanga Sensei what her dream is. The others also express interest towards what her dream is. Eromanga-Sensei tries to deflect it by saying it was the same as Masamune's, but Elf states that's a shared dream and what her individual dream is. Eromanga-Sensei finally says that she wishes to be the bride of the person she likes.

Muramasa is next seen alongside Elf, Masamune, and Shidou in Taiwan on vacation. Masamune recounts that even he'd rather be back at home with Sagiri, he should enjoy it since trips like Taiwan are like a status symbol for light novelists, since some are invited their for autograph sessions. Masamune was convinced to go to gather material for beach scenes for romantic comedies. Shidou is surprised that Muramasa never received such invitations like Elf has. Muramasa doesn't recall ever receiving any, though Masamune suspects she just forgot receiving them. Elf chimes in that Taiwan is the setting for her book, "Bakuen no Dark Elf."

From a pathway a tall man, revealed to be Elf's brother comes forward. Muramasa states that they really were in an "Elven Forest" and thought one didn't exist. Though her expression appears sarcastic, Shidou takes this seriously and tries to correct her. The man formally introduces himself as Chris, Elf's editor and big brother, and politely welcomes everyone in a professional manner. Elf tries to chastise Chris for being so formal, though he corrects her by smacking her on the head, though not as a brother but as an editor doing his duty. Chris refuses to drop his professionalism because of his status as an editor to so many writers. Masamune insists they are here as friends and that his is a pleasure trip, not a business one, so formality is not needed. Chris accepts this and is relieved to see friends around Elf's age.

As they walk to the family mansion, Muramasa says to Elf she wasn't aware that "Elf Yamada' was her real name. Elf reveals that Yamada is actually Chris's surname and she's just using it in her pen name. Masamune notices that Muramasa has gotten closer to Elf and that she not only calls her Elf instead of Yamada-Sensei, but that she recalls her name properly. He suspects that they were forced to get to know each other. Muramasa asks what Elf's real name is. Elf tries to cooly hide it in an attempt to seem mysterious. Chris almost tells everyone what it is, but Elf cuts him off before he does. Shidou reveals that his pen name and real name are the same, but he just changed the kanji around in his pen name a little. Masamune reveals he did the same thing. Masamune asks what Muramasa's real name is, but she says because it's embarrassing, she can't tell him now. Elf teases her by saying girls with cute names usually say that.

When they arrive at the mansion, Shidou and Masamune are in awe and want to take pictures. As they do so, Muramasa kneels down to the ground, reaching out to a hermit crab. Because she's on all fours, Masamune gets a good look at her panties. Elf notices this and coyly tells her that Masamune was peeping. Muramasa immediately straightens up and flattens her dress, asking if he saw which he weakly denies.

After getting situated at the mansion and having lunch, Elf suggests they go to the beach to go play under the pretense of gathering material. She tells everyone to get changed and head to the beach. To her horror, Muramasa finds out that her clothes are missing and instead was a lewd swimsuit. After some difficulty, she reluctantly put on the swimsuit and set out to find Elf and Masamune.

Muramasa was able track them down despite Elf's attempt at seducing Masamune. She angrily tells Elf her evil plan stops here. Elf is disappointed that Muramasa arrived earlier than expected. Masamune is shocked at seeing her in such a skimpy bikini, believing he thought she was more modest. Muramasa covers herself and accuses Elf. Elf admits that while she was in the shower, she hid Muramasa's luggage and left that bikini for her in the shower room. Muramasa angrily adds Elf also hid her towel and didn't want to go outside in this, starting to cry and feel embarrassed. Masamune hands her his windbreaker to cover herself up with. She gratefully accepts it and puts it on.

A little later, Muramasa tells Masamune the real reason she agreed to join them on this trip. She admits it's because she wants to read his novels. Elf confirms this and says she she promised Muramasa could read Izumi Masamune's "unpublished novels" if she came along. Masamune agrees that there are a lot of unpublished novels in his computer: stuff like rejected manuscripts from his Ginrou series and the continuation of his debut series which was axed by his publisher. Muramasa eagerly states that she wants to read all of them.

Embarrassed and happy, Masamune complies but states that she can't allow her to read all of them. He explains that she can read the novels that weren't published due to certain circumstances, but that she can't read his rejected manuscripts. He says it's because the editor in charge said "this isn't any good," "This is boring" or "No one would buy this." Muramasa, however, believes that because she found all his novels interesting, she thinks his rejected manuscripts would be interesting too. Masamune, still red from the flattery, insists that they can't be read because it's embarrassing to him. Muramasa decides to relent, feeling it's a shame. Masamune follows up by saying that even if she can't read the rejects, he'll print out the unpublished novels on the villa's printer and give them to her later. He'll even throw in all the new stuff he writes from now on, if she wants. As an example, he doesn't think it will take him long to finish the Ginrou after-story. Muramasa is overjoyed and says she does want to read the story about events after the final chapter of the series. He agrees to write the story during their stay here and let her read it sometime during their stay. Muramasa happily accepts this. Masamune has mixed feelings reviving his old series one last time, but admits fans like Muramasa are why he wrote them to begin with. He accepts that only Muramasa will read it and tells her he will write her a super interesting reject story. Muramasa seems delighted at this.

A little later, the four writers continue playing on the beach. Muramasa is seen playing volleyball in the ocean with Elf and preparing to take on a huge ice cream sundae, to Shidou's amazement. After they were done, Elf decides they should go back and wash up and suggests she and Muramasa should share an open-air bath together. Muramasa refuses saying the bath in her room is good enough and she wants to get writing as soon as possible. Elf loudly complains that they should bathe together since it would be great reference material for them. Muramasa refuses again unsure what Elf would do to her if they were together in the bath. Elf says she wouldn't do anything except touch her a bit. Muramasa tells her to stop making it sound dirty. Masamune thinks about the open-air bath. Elf tells Masamune he won't be able to peep on them since she installed a fence that makes a creaking noise when someone climbs it. She admits that if he climbs it carefully he'll be fine, but he better not try peeping on them.


Muramasa has black hair (colored purple in the manga) cut short to around her jawline, called a "bob cut." Her eyes are colored lavender. She has a slender figure with large breasts.

She is always seen in a kimono or yukata and classical obi sandals. She carries a small satchel tied to her waist on the back that carries her notebook, pencils, and other writing materials.

Her fingers on her right hand are constantly bandaged from constantly writing to the point of hurting herself.

During her trip to Taiwan, she is wearing a sun-dress and carried around a parasol.


As a novelist, she has no interest in trying to please the readers when writing her novels; only herself. So much so that she doesn't even bother naming her novels, leaving that to the editorial department. When an idea pops into her head, she immediately starts writing and blocks out her surroundings until she is done, regardless of place or time. She has no regard for the other novel writers, regardless of who they are, believing them to be boring and not worth remembering. It's suspected that she was invited to travel to places like Taiwan for her work, but she has no recollection of any such invitations. This is most evident with Elf Yamada as she doesn't even remember her name despite meeting her several times and muttered under her breath how Elf's book, "Bakuen no Dark Elf" was boring. The only writer she ever acknowledges is Izumi Masamune. Her dream is to write as many novels as she can that are "the most interesting in the world" and read them herself.

Muramasa is a huge fan of Masamune's works and was very upset when she learned he was switching his battle genre to a romantic comedy. On their first meeting, she acted cold and cruel to Masamune's dream, hoping to spur Masamune back to writing battle light novel. After both sides have learned of each other's circumstances, she dropped her cruel act and revealed to not only be in love with his work, but in love with him as a person. Despite being turned down, it seems Muramasa has not given up Masamune. She is constantly at odds with Elf, whom she considers a love rival for Masamune'a affections.

Despite her constantly uninterested appearance, she is actually very shy and girly. She doesn't like wearing bikinis, feeling it exposes too much skin. She is very upfront in her desires to get closer to Masamune, being one of the rare few times she will smile at him. Muramasa doesn't trust Elf and is often irritated or angered by Elf's advancements towards him.


Izumi Masamune

Muramasa is a long-time fan of Masmune's works since his first web novel. Because of his writings, she also pursued her desires of being a novelist. When she heard that Masamune changed his genre, she was very upset and made plans to sabotage his romantic comedy novel to prevent him from debuting it. This was not out of malice, however, since she thought she could fire up Masamune to writing another battle manga. After learning of his and her sister's situation, she visited him in hopes to get him to work for her so she could financially support them and he'd continue writing battle manga. She even confessed to him outright, but was turned down, mirroring the same rejection Masamune was rejected by Sagiri. Muramasa has not lost heart and still supports Masamune and continues to appeal to him, both as a fan and as a girl.

Yamada Elf

Elf is Muramasa's arch-rival for Masamune's affections and generally doesn't get along with her. Because of her apathy towards others in the the light novel industry, she does not recognize Elf and continually gets her name wrong and finds her books boring. Elf, in turn, likes teasing Muramasa and causing trouble for her. However, if they both can find something to profit from each other, they are able to cooperate.

Izumi Sagiri

Muramasa's interaction with Sagiri/Ero-Manga is very little. The first time she met Sagiri was when Sagiri revealed herself on the stairway, the furthest she's been away from her room since the story began, to tell off Muramasa for trying to steal away Masamune and abandoning their dream. She also complied when she yelled at her and Elf for causing a commotion during the contest after-party. It seems that on a basic level, Muramasa respects Eromanga-Sensei, though it's unknown if she views her as another lover rival.

Kagurazaka Ayame

Despite working in the same publishing agency and being part of her editorial department, Senju doesn't recollect Kagurazaka, though Kagarurazaka assures this is because she doesn't come to the building often. However, despite not remembering her, the times she does interact with her, she takes her advice to heart, especially if it has anything to do with Masamune.

Kunimitsu shidou

Like with everyone else, Muramasa is unfamiliar with Shidou and doesn't recognize him due to not reading his manga.


According to Elf, Senju has 7 max ranked A-Level skills, two of which are not known to her.

She has an incredibly quick writing speed, similar to Masamune.


  • She is confirmed to be one of the eight Hachiraijin, aka the "Arch-Novelists," the top best selling novelists who sold over 10 million copies.
  • Her nickname, "Kuruizaku Kuroikazuchi no Muramasa," was created by Elf, to Senju's approval.
  • Muramasa's romantic comedy short story title, "My Un-Cute Kouhai" is a nod to the author's original hit series title: "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute."
  • Muramasa's real name is Hana Umezono, appears in Episode 10 when Izumi shares the fan letters with Muramasa.

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